Saturday, March 30, 2019

Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

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Unknown said...

sliced potatoes was here

Fredrick said...

Nice to see the people from story still playing :D Wish the podcast had continued though!

Anonymous said...

I'm that guy who re-watches TV series over and over again because I love the story and the characters and over time I tend to forget enough of the details to make re-watching the episodes again worth my time. The same holds true for series of novels.

That said, I have read through this blog several times over the last few years, and each time I came back I wished there were a single document version of the story that I could read more like a book. I find the blog interface a little annoying when I'm sitting down to read for more than just one or two posts, and a single document just flows better for me. A single document can also be converted for use with an e-reader, which makes it a lot nicer as well.

Having not seen anything like this from the original author thus far (unless I just missed it), and my OCD being what it is, I took it upon myself to compile all the individual blog posts and reformat them into a PDF "book", complete with "chapters" and most of the original images (some wouldn't copy) and formatting. I have also compiled a "safe for work" version that removes all images and color formatting and makes it look like you're just reading a legal document. Yes, my boss is aware that I have down time during the day...but I still choose to not make it obvious out of respect for his being cool about it.

This document was created for personal use only and I will not infringe on any copyright by the original author, nor will it be distributed without the author's explicit consent. My intent with this post is to make the material available to the author, should he so request it.

Thanks for a great read!

Unknown said...

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yoshi245 said...

With WoW Classic basically ongoing. Do you ever plan to return and reunite with some of the old crew once again?