Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Where Are They Now? - Dalans

Dear readers, I hope I can persuade you to become listeners. I've just launched the Eight Years in Azeroth Podcast, where we spend some time reminiscing about the blog, WoW, video games, leadership, and other vitally important things. Each episode features a special guest that you (if you're a devoted fan of the blog) will recognize as a major player in the story.

The first episode is up and features one of my very favorite druids: Dalans.


Littlebear, the once-green-now-competitive Hunter said...

This is an interesting way to continue. I heartily approve.


Charles said...

Any chance of a transcript? I've been following you forever but I mainly participate at work where I can speed read on quick breaks but not really take the time to listen.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Im listening to you guys while in a bubble bath and its ssooooooooo relaxing!


Shawn Holmes said...


I've got a Patreon page set up over here, with plans to hire a professional to transcribe, if there is enough interest - http://patreon.com/8yia

Charles said...

@Shawn I just put my money where my mouth is. Transcripts as soon as feasible please! :-D

Wes said...


I was hooked on the blog and was hoping the end of the story wouldn't be the end of your storytelling.

Can't wait to listen!

Blain said...

I gotta say....my ego got a hefty Anni sized stroke right there. Jealous of Dalans' memory on events.


Dalans said...

I am disappoint that I was not invited to Anni's bubble bath.

<3 Blain, but considering Anni is Asian, it might not be that big a stroke.



Benjamin Riley said...


jcoryarnold said...

This was awesome, keep up the good work!


jcoryarnold said...
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jcoryarnold said...

I also vote Ater is next. And you have to play the sound clip of him yelling for everyone to shut up during the first Rag kill.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Love the further insights.

Anonymous said...

Any plans on adding an RSS feed for the podcast??

Here's to hoping you do more..

Anonymous said...

Haven't played or thought about WoW in so many years, then it pops in my head today and I find this.

So many memorable people right here.

It was always fun playing with you guys!